CV0014//Format:Multi. - The long-awaited third full length album by Ventura's Uranium Orchard. This album sees the group focus in a studio setting, but the outcome is more experimental and dynamic than ever. Guitar paying no attention to the most solid rhythm section in Ventura County while Rhodes keyboard gives just enough melody to make the statement coherent. Full seepage of previously loose influences on this one. Inept King Crimson? Mutant Zzaj? Seaside country? Whatever it is, it's monstrous.

Album is limited to one-time issue of 100 copies, which are now sold out online. CD version is forthcoming on the Weird Cry record label. When that is ready, I will get some copies in the store & I will also present a digital buy option at that time. In the meantime, check back or Weird Cry's website.

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