Hello. Welcome to virtual home of the Cold Vomit Label. You will notice that everything essential to the label's identity is contained in this simple mainframe. The site offers downloadable content where releases are otherwise unavailable. This website aims to be the most reliable source for the bands represented as far as released content.


In your internet searching, you may have also realized that the focal point of the label's online presence is now solely on this website. We do offer limited streaming of our music at the label's SoundCloud page, but philosophically we believe that the label releases need room to be listened to completely and repeatedly. To offset this inconvenience for you the listener, we have tried to accomodate you with extremely affordable product. It is a simple time-to-money formula - You can digitally purchase any of our available titles for the monetary equivalent of the time it would take you to form a quick opinion from cell phone streaming or if you were to ferret them out and download them from somewhere else. In many cases this equates to the titles being available for free download, or extremely low-cost.